Self Quarantining

Online Exhibition hosted by Lenscratch and Juried by Aline Smithson.

Curatorial statement from Aline Smithson:

“Happy April Fool’s Day! Let me start off by saying a huge THANK YOU to the participating photographers from all over the globe, each of whom shared a little bit about themselves during this profound moment in history. There were hundreds and hundreds of submissions and as I uploaded each one, I thought about your life and world.  And though I corresponded only briefly with each of you, I was comforted by the connection to the greater whole as I have been in quarantine for almost three weeks. There are seven parts to this post so keep going until you get to the end. Pour yourself a big glass of wine or a big mug of coffee and enjoy the collected experience of The 2020 Lenscratch Self-Quarantining Exhibition…and share widely!  Be safe out there. See you on the other side. – Aline Smithson”




Exhibition Dates: February 1 – 28, 2020
Opening Reception: February 12, 12 – 2PM, *at Holy Family University*
Artist Talk: February 12, 12 – 2PM, *at Holy Family University*
Locations: Holy Family University, Philadelphia, PA
                 Annie Fischer STEM Magnet School, Hartford, CT

In February 2020, two solo exhibitions comprised of selections from Fear Culture, USA open concurrently at Holy Family University in Philadelphia, PA and Annie Fischer Magnet School in Hartford, CT.

The exhibition title, A MACHINE SHOULDN’T SPEAK FOR MEN, is a line lifted from Immortal Technique’s “The Fourth Branch”. Which comments on the role corporate news media plays in influencing public opinion, and the ways they (and other powerful entities) ultimately profit from their influence. At the time of the songs release in 2003, this commentary was specific to the United State’s involvement in the Middle East in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, I selected this verse as the title for these solo exhibitions because I believe it speaks to a wider experience of media influence on American society.

RPS International Photography Exhibition 162

Exhibition Dates: February 15 – March 22, 2020
Opening Reception: February 15, 4 – 6PM
Artist Talks: February 15, 2:30 – 4PM
Location: The Royal Photographic Society, RPS House, Bristol, UK

Selected from over 1370 entries from 62 countries, the exhibition features the work of 43 international photographers. Spirituality, identity, inclusion and the environment are some of the powerful narratives explored this year. The exhibition at the Royal Photographic Society opens on 15 February 2020, before touring across the UK and coincides with the first anniversary of the organizations move to Bristol.

The exhibition will tour to the following venues:
RPS House, Bristol: February 15 – March 22, 2020
Royal Albert Hall, London: April 2 – April 27, 2020
Beverley Art Gallery, Beverley, East Yorkshire: June 13 – Sept. 12, 2020
Oriel Art Gallery, Theatr Clwyd, Flintshire: Nov. 28, 2020 – Jan. 16, 2021

Exhibition History:
The RPS International Photography Exhibition is steeped in history, having been held almost every year since 1854 – the year after The Society was founded. In the early years, the exhibition included work from some of the world’s most eminent photographers including Julia Margaret Cameron, Roger Fenton and Edward Steichen.

Exhibiting Photographers:
Paul Adams, Byron Aihara, Michael P. Amato, Frederic Aranda, Jasmine Bruno, Ellie Burd, Aletheia Casey, Su Cassiano, Sadie Catt, Cody Cobb, Sounak Das, Kerry Dean, Dan Farnum, Alan Gignoux, Roei Greenberg, Mat Hay, Catherine Hyland, Katya Ilina, Chirag Jindal, Jordan Layton, Jenny Lewis, Kamila Lozinska, Derek Man, Alan Mcfetridge, Tom Oldham, Deborah Orloff, Manon Ouimet, Alexander Parkyn-Smith, Camillo Pasquarelli, Emma Pigott, Matthew Shaw & William Trossell, Chris Round, Ioanna Sakellaraki, Alain Schroeder, Simon Schwyzer, Sam Scoggins, Leslie Sheryll, David K. Steinberg, Kiki Streitberger, Amrita Stutzle, Bryan Thomas, Luca Tombolini, Alice Zoo

IPE 162 Selection Panel:
Cian Oba-Smith is an Irish Nigerian photographer whose work focuses on communities and subcultures, with an interest in approaching subjects that are often misrepresented.

Shannon Ghannam is the Global Education Director at Magnum Photos, responsible for the celebrated agency’s educational programming.Skinder Hundal MBE is CEO/Director of New Art Exchange, a leading contemporary arts space. He is passionate about supporting new talent, creating ‘incredible encounters’.

Dr Yan Wang Preston is an artist and lecturer based in West Yorkshire, UK, whose work examines the contested states of nature in contemporary societies. Her recent projects Mother River and Forestwon numerous awards.

Dr Michael Pritchard is Director, Education and Public Affairs at the RPS. He is a photo-historian and regular writer and lecturer on photography.

The Road


Exhibition Dates: February 24th 2020 – March 27th 2020
Opening Reception: March 12th, 2020 5-7pm
Location: JKC Gallery  Trenton Hall, 137 North Broad Street, Trenton, NJ
Curated by Dana Stirling and Yoav Friedlander

“The Road” exhibition collected images from 46 artists from across the country to create an exhibition that celebrates, highlights and explores the American road and all that it in-tells. The exhibition will survey the notion of the American Road. The road is an iconic theme that runs in some of the best and well known American photographers work such as Stephen Shore, Ed Ruscha, Alec Soth and many others. Photographers have traveled these vast landscapes and across thousands of miles to document this country and all that surrounds the road; the landscape, the gas stations, the motels, the diners and everything that comes by its side and its lifestyle. 

Selected Artists: Hans Gindlesberger, Joel Stevenett, Lauren Grabelle, Dave Bennett, Michael Joseph, Heather Binns, Chris Bentley, Daniel George, Neal Johnson, Ryan Schude, Sam Angel, Marc Newton, Lori Pond, Lindsay Godin, Parker Reinecker, Emmanuel Monzon, Kelsey Sucena, Lindsey Rickert, Kathy Shorr, Jon Feinstein, Aline Smithson, Betty Press, Tracy Fish, Cody Bratt, Lauren Finch, Young Suh, Becky Wilkes, Roslyn Julia, Dave Hanson, Alanna Styer, Justin Curtis, Grace Weston, David Egan, John Puffer,Liz Albert, Paul Sisson, Caleb Churchill, Lisa Guerriero, Sara Macel, John Sanderson, Eric Kunsman, Will Douglas, Tabitha Timm, Noritaka Minami, Laura Glabman and Annette Lemay Burke.

Selected Digital Slideshow Artists: Joel Stevenett, Reid Temple, Nick Shepard, Lauren Grabelle, John Francis, Kevin Hoth, Cocoa Laney, Kyle Everett Smith, Jp Terlizzi, Alyson Bowen, Jaime Alvarez, Nika De Carlo, Darren Ellis, Anibal Pella-woo, Dzesika Devic, Dave Bennett, Michael Joseph, Jessica Brewer Prugh, John Slavin, Chris Bentley, Kelly Burgess, Daniel George, Neal Johnson, Ryan Schude, Charlie Zielinski, Mark Sawrie Sawrie, Sam Angel, Sarah Hinrichs, Marc Newton, Whitney Bradshaw, Heather Palecek, Jiageng Lin, Clifford Cooper, Evan Perkins, Parkewr Reinecker, Epiphany Knedler, Alexandra Gataeva, Kelsey Sucena, Lindsey Rickert, Mateo Ruiz Gonzalez, Kathy Shorr, Kimmo Sahakangas, Jon Feinstein, Dorie Dahlberg, Danny Degennaro, Micah Mccoy, Aline Smithson, Betty Press, Frank Schramm, Yael Nov, Andie Capace, Dana Marks, Cody Bratt, Nicholas Gaffney, Anika Steppe, Nick Gorski, Lauren Finch, Michael Amato, Young Suh, Noah Winslow, Matthew Portch, Jacob Moss, John Kinney, Dave Hanson, Justin Curtis, Christine Tharp, Grace Weston, Marissa Iamartino, David Egan, John Puffer, Urizen Freaza, Liz Albert, Laia Albert , Paul Sisson, Caleb Churchill, Martin Krafft, Alice Renegar, Victoria Crayhon, Ira Wagner, Kristen Bartley, Michaela Warren, Anna Ryabtsov, Sara Macel, Eliot Rockett, Sarah Frazier, John Sanderson, Eric Kunsman, Alain Licari, Noritaka Minami, David Cann, Deshawn Mcleod, Ashley Moog Bowlsbey and Chris Herrera.



Trust The Story

Exhibition Dates: February 6—March 12, 2020
Artist Panel: Monday, February 10 at 7:00pm in the College of Education (COE) Building, Room 160. Gallery reception to follow.
Location: Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN
Juror and Guest Curator: Melanie McWhorter

The exhibition’s narrative will foster a dialogue among the images and create a larger story of the human experience. Small vignettes of demise, hope, action, visualization, etc. will drive a broader human experience for the present and the future. This is not a show of truth-telling, but storytelling.

Artists may interpret the theme as they decide with potential ideas relating to broad contemporary issues or themes that use photo-based arts as a tool to present a story of contemporary human experience – personal documentary, social issues, environmental destruction or renewal, metropolitan or rural blight or positive urban development, faux narratives, myth-based projects, archival or vernacular images, etc. We are complex and our experiences and philosophies are composed of dualities.

Likewise, the vitality of photography comes from photographers’ ability to tell stories through myths, metaphors, and visual representations. Within the decade, changes in the medium have dictated a reexamination of the art form and encourage photographers to incorporate other mediums or partner with other makers to tell the story of the human experience so that it resonates with a broader community.

Group exhibition featuring the work of:

Michael Amato, Laura J. Bennett, Carl Bower, Barbara Ciurej and  Lindsay Lochman, Elizabeth Claffey, Roxanne Darling, Virgil Dibiase, Sharon Draghi, Daniel Farnum, Jo Fields, Cristina Fontsare, Jennifer Georgescu, Bryan Griffith, Pato Hebert, Abbey Hepner, Jennifer Hoag, Chris Ireland, Emily Matyas, Calli McCaw, Christopher Nail, Lake Newton, Natalie Obermaier, Christine Osinksi, Daniel Peebles, Benjamin Rusk, Lynn Silverman, John Slepian, Jason Tannen, Terri Warpinski, and Sandra Chen Weinstein