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Michael P. Amato is a fine art photographer. Recently his interests in media consumption, the concept of an invasion of privacy, and the impact of metadata in aggregate have directed his artistic practice. Growing up, he was raised in a family home without access to cable television, and various other popular consumer products. His upbringing informs an interest in consumption, and the impact of how we, as a society, consume.

Michael’s recent bodies of work have addressed the omnipresence of the television in public and private environments, a culture of fear in American society, and the normalization of a loss of privacy rights worldwide. Michael’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, published in a number of print magazines and journals, and featured online in several photography publications and popular platforms—most notably in WIRED Magazine. Throughout 2020, selections from his photo essay Fear Culture, USA (Narcissus Narcosis) are on exhibit in the United Kingdom as part of the Royal Photographic Society’s 162nd International Photography Exhibition. He currently works and lives in Connecticut, USA.