Exhibition Dates: October 1 – 19, 2019
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 28, 2019, 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Location: ArtsWestchester Gallery, White Plains, NY


The Chair Show explores the creativity, forms and art of seating.  At center stage is the chair, endlessly recast as luxurious or austere, regal or intimate, straightforward or ironic. Chairs give shape to the ways in which we rest and recreate ourselves in private, or inhabit ‘seats of power’ in public.  As supporting players of day-to-day existence, focal points of ceremonies, or revered objects of spiritual and sacred spaces, chairs are invested with diverse meanings and purposes.

The familiarity and suggestive associations of chairs make them attractive subjects for many contemporary artists. Some artist create aesthetically compelling utilitarian objects, while others have all but gutted the old Bauhaus directive of “form follows function.”

The Chair Show includes sculptural, conceptual, functional and dysfunctional forms of seating, as well as paintings and installations inspired by chairs.  The works, chosen by an open call and curatorial invitation, represent over 50 artists from the regional artistic community.

Participating Artists

Orpheus Acosta • Michael Amato • Marta Baumiller • Ada Blecher • Amanda Browder • April Chong • B.A. D’Alessandro • Dale Douglas • Joseph M. Dunn • James Fawcett • Jude Ferencz • Christopher Flick • Betsy Gorman • Rose Jennifer Griffin • Carmella Gullo • Leah Harper • Susan Rowe Harrison • Sarah Haviland • Asher Israelow • Jeff Johnson • Amanda Kelly • Simone Kestelman • Ann Ladd • Terence Main • Rebecca Major • Kim Markel • Wendy Naidich • Manny Ofori • Ernie Palmieri • Mary Tooley Parker • Anton Modern Art • Carl Rattner • Marilyn Richeda • RockPaperRobot • Dyan Rosenberg • Alexander Rutsch • Reinaldo Sanguino • Scott Seaboldt • Joel Sherry • Selene Smerling • Carol Perron Sommerfield • Cassie Hyde Strasser • Peter Strasser • Megan Thomson Connor • Lee Christine Tyler • Rochelle Udell • Bendith Van der Laan • Les Von Losberg •  Hanna Washburn • Kristen Wentrcek & Andrew Zebulon • Anna West  • Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong • Win Zibeon