Exhibition Dates: February 1 – 28, 2020
Opening Reception: February 12, 12 – 2PM, *at Holy Family University*
Artist Talk: February 12, 12 – 2PM, *at Holy Family University*
Locations: Holy Family University, Philadelphia, PA
                 Annie Fischer STEM Magnet School, Hartford, CT

In February 2020, two solo exhibitions comprised of selections from Fear Culture, USA open concurrently at Holy Family University in Philadelphia, PA and Annie Fischer Magnet School in Hartford, CT.

The exhibition title, A MACHINE SHOULDN’T SPEAK FOR MEN, is a line lifted from Immortal Technique’s “The Fourth Branch”. Which comments on the role corporate news media plays in influencing public opinion, and the ways they (and other powerful entities) ultimately profit from their influence. At the time of the songs release in 2003, this commentary was specific to the United State’s involvement in the Middle East in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, I selected this verse as the title for these solo exhibitions because I believe it speaks to a wider experience of media influence on American society.