Exhibition Dates: May 31 – June 30, 2020
Online Exhibition: http://www.mwcponline.com/walkabout.html
Location: Midwest Center for Photography, Wichita, KS (and online)

In this changed world the concept of “Walkabout” has taken on new meanings in a quickly shifted context. The simple act of going out walking is a cherished activity while we are isolated. Taking photographs while visually exploring, whether seeking a particular image, or if it’s the experience of adventure that is the destination, as photographers we do this. We experience a sense of awareness from exploring our personal surroundings at home, in a town or city on foot, or driving through the landscape. Walkabout is an exhibition showcasing the banality of the everyday. Photographs submitted for exhibition can range from a detailed exploration of a particular location to a visual documentation of one’s personal interaction with their surroundings. The act of observing our surroundings through capturing the visual qualities of a location portrays a sense of documenting one’s experience. We approach many different ways of describing and documenting location, whether it is exterior or interior space, whether it is captured in detail or from a distance. The works presented in this exhibition will encompass what it means to simply examine a sense of place with the medium of photography.