Exhibition Dates: January 25 – March 4, 2018
Juror Remarks by Deborah Willis, March 2, 7pm
Location: Hamilton and Arronson Galleries, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Juried by UArts alumna Deborah Willis BFA ‘75, this international exhibition explores the uncertainty of our times, race, gender and politics.


Ours is a time where borders and division continue to challenge our very understanding of humanity. The opportunity to share on an international level is as close as the screens we hold in our hands, and yet, in a time of prolific image making many lens-driven stories remain unseen. For every picture story brought to light, too many struggle for exposure. The power of images to ignite the rally cry for change are the same images that encourage empathy and stewardship, and these images come from every aspect of the photographic world—documentarians, conceptual artists, and citizens with their mobile devices. SPE’s 55th Annual Conference, Uncertain Times, will address questions of globalization, migration, territory, refuge, community, identity, nationalism, and internationalism, and will evaluate the contribution of photographic practices seeking to humanize and reveal these topics. The conference will focus on the ways in which photographic media are implicated in demonstrating both moments of crisis as well as moments of resolve. This is a call to convene critical producers, thinkers, and thoughtful spectators of photography to unpack the meanings of the layered dimensions of the human story in the 21st century.


Michael P. Amato, Fran Antmann, Justin Barton, Akea Brown, Kelvin Burzon, Richard Cavagnolo, Laurent Chevalier, Michael Darough, Sylvia de Swaan, Francois Deschamps, Antone Dolezal, William Douglas III, Rebecca Finley, Lisa Foote, Melissa Gámez-Herrera, Lindsay Godin, Audrey Gottlieb, Pato Hebert, Christine Holtz, Lili Holzer-Glier, Rion Huffman, Michel Huneault, Karli Kasprzak, Angela Kelly, John Kimmich-Javier, Morgan Rachel Levy, Mark Ludak, Alice Mann, Stephen Marc, Annu Palakunnathu Matthew and Aisha Manzoor, Anh-Thuy Nguyen and Craig Baron, Eleanor Oakes, Julie Pawlowski, Brad Pease, B. Proud, Alice Proujansky, Robert Reinhardt, David Rentería, Rani Marie Robison, Zed Saeed, Jashim Salam, Griselda San Martin, Nicole Schwartz, Stephanie Seguino, Sandy Sorlien, Linda Troeller, Ani Tung, Sara-Anne Waggoner, Ralph Wilson