Exhibition Dates: February 6—March 12, 2020
Artist Panel: Monday, February 10 at 7:00pm in the College of Education (COE) Building, Room 160. Gallery reception to follow.
Location: Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN
Juror and Guest Curator: Melanie McWhorter

The exhibition’s narrative will foster a dialogue among the images and create a larger story of the human experience. Small vignettes of demise, hope, action, visualization, etc. will drive a broader human experience for the present and the future. This is not a show of truth-telling, but storytelling.

Artists may interpret the theme as they decide with potential ideas relating to broad contemporary issues or themes that use photo-based arts as a tool to present a story of contemporary human experience – personal documentary, social issues, environmental destruction or renewal, metropolitan or rural blight or positive urban development, faux narratives, myth-based projects, archival or vernacular images, etc. We are complex and our experiences and philosophies are composed of dualities.

Likewise, the vitality of photography comes from photographers’ ability to tell stories through myths, metaphors, and visual representations. Within the decade, changes in the medium have dictated a reexamination of the art form and encourage photographers to incorporate other mediums or partner with other makers to tell the story of the human experience so that it resonates with a broader community.

Group exhibition featuring the work of:

Michael Amato, Laura J. Bennett, Carl Bower, Barbara Ciurej and  Lindsay Lochman, Elizabeth Claffey, Roxanne Darling, Virgil Dibiase, Sharon Draghi, Daniel Farnum, Jo Fields, Cristina Fontsare, Jennifer Georgescu, Bryan Griffith, Pato Hebert, Abbey Hepner, Jennifer Hoag, Chris Ireland, Emily Matyas, Calli McCaw, Christopher Nail, Lake Newton, Natalie Obermaier, Christine Osinksi, Daniel Peebles, Benjamin Rusk, Lynn Silverman, John Slepian, Jason Tannen, Terri Warpinski, and Sandra Chen Weinstein